healthy happy pregnancy

healthy, happy pregnacy

What do yummy recipes, baby bumps and two SELF magazine contributors have in common? Oh how about a new recipe book health, healthy pregnancy cookbook by some of our favorite nutritionists Willow Jarosh and Stephanie Clarke of C&J Nutrition. Willow and Stephanie are our go-to resources whenever we want to provide advice to our expecting…

Pregnancy Glow Tips

Maternity Beauty Basics

We all have that friend….the one with all the beauty secrets. If you didn’t meet Leah and her 3 Piece Styles, then let me just tell you, this mama-to-be is in the know with the latest and greatest. As a stylist to clients all over the country, she has combined some of her favorites (from…


Breastfeeding Basics

1. It won’t be easy. 2. It’s not for everyone. Breastfeeding may seem natural but for some, it’s just not possible. Whether it be medical or just personal preference, the glorious thing about parenthood is you get to choose what’s best for you and your baby. That’s ok. Just educate yourself on the right formulas…

Best Mocktail

Mama Mocktails

Willow and her co-founder, Stephanie, have been featured in numerous health and lifestyle magazines. They are the contributing nutrition experts at SELF magazine and are also the experts behind various nutrition blogs. If you enjoy a nice ginger ale then this is your jam. This sparkling drink is full of flavor (minus the sugary extras)…

how to travel with a little one

Travel Tips With Your Bébé

Summer weather brings family travels. Traveling with a newborn or small child?? What do you bring without packing everything except the kitchen sink? I traveled a few months back with my then 7-month-old from Omaha to Pennsylvania (with a connection in St. Louis). There are a few tips that I read before hand that helped…

prenatal yoga tips

Prenatal Yoga Guide

Being pregnant can bring out all sorts of changes. Most are visible like growing a bump but this new weight gain can also cause balance issues. If you are a yogi, you already know that balance is key in yoga practice so we asked NYC yoga instructor, Emilie Smith, to give us some tips for…

Birth Story

A Birth Story

I have been debating the best way to write this. Am I completely and utterly candid?? Providing all the good, bad and ugly details? Do I lie and make it sound like the most glamorous birth in the history of births (um..ya right). I will do my best to leave out the gory stuff (unless…